Is SEO Still Relevant?

Are you satisfied with your internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization programs? If you are like most business owners, you aren’t getting much if any return on your advertising dollar investments.

My name is Mark Kilgore and I’m the Founder and President of Kilgore Marketing Consultants. I’m a marketing consultant. I specialize in accountable marketing including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Mobile Apps, and much more. We use a proprietary Four Step Marketing process to measure our clients marketing, generate leads, and innovative technology to automate the follow-up process to keep in touch with your current and prospective clients.

Welcome to this podcast where I am going to discuss why your business needs an expert SEO so your customers not only find you but find exactly what they are looking for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that allows your website to appear in the listings of search engines like Google. It requires knowledge of the fast-changing search engine algorithms, which can be difficult even for the experts. This is one of the reasons most website owners aren’t sure what it takes to get those top rankings in the search engines.

Even SEO experts, the technical folks who work to make sites and pages rank higher in search engine results, can be confused by page rankings because search engines keep their algorithm updates top secret.

So, website SEO work can be a challenge, and requires constant effort. Is the resource invested worthwhile? Is the work doing keyword research, optimizing the title tags, headers, and meta descriptions, and adding up to date, relevant page content a profitable venture? And is SEO still an important part of your online presence with all the focus lately on pages and content on those pages? The answer is a short YES!

SEO one click is still critical, and the process used is even more critical to success to your online marketing. It can be the deciding factor between attracting lots of website traffic and getting placed somewhere in the back pages of the billions of other sites in the search engines.

Some folks are not placing much of a priority on SEO. As Algorithm changes continue to reward high-quality content, some marketers are starting to think that as long as they post worthwhile content, SEO doesn’t matter. They think it will take care of itself without a strategy.

While quality content is great for building customer trust and getting users to want to visit your site, it won’t be found on its own. SEO is what helps users find it in the first place, and even the best content is useless if no one ever sees it.

People browse the Internet via search engines

Think about when you use the Internet. How did you find what you were looking for? How did you find the exact page with the exact information or product? For sure it was by a search engine.

Most people use search terms for finding the information and products they want, so it is vital to businesses to be listed in their search results. Google alone processes 40,000 search queries every second, and over 3.5 billion searches per day, so it more than a good chance that a few of those searches are for the products or services your business provides.

So how can you attract those searchers to your business offers and products? The best way without a doubt is with SEO. It will require time and energy, it’s worth doing—and doing right. That’s what we promise – we will do it right!

Content visibility depends on SEO

As I stated before, even great content won’t be seen by prospects without SEO that gets your website ranked. The development of high quality content requires a significant investment in time and money to create. This would all be a loss in not just your marketing costs but also would be a huge loss in potential revenue for your company.

All that effort could be wasted creating content that is never found by the search engines. SEO will ensure your top-shelf content gets the recognition it deserves. And potential customers will be more likely to want to find out more about your business if they discover a helpful piece of content you published online.


Keywords are still relevant

The way search engines process Key Words is always changing. Some past practices of keyword use now may come with penalties so the SEO work must be done carefully and correctly. But keywords are still critical to get those first page rankings in the search engines. So, your SEO developer has to be an expert on how to properly use them.

This may seem like a big issue if you’re used to throwing keywords into your site in numerous places and hoping for those high rankings. That won’t work anymore. However, this is actually a good thing for both you and your customers. The more relevant your keywords are, the more qualified your traffic will be. So even if fewer keywords means possibly fewer visitors, the ones you lose probably weren’t likely to become your customers and the ones who do find you are looking for exactly what your keywords are and more likely a prospect and eventual customer.

Even if it is challenging to keep up with ever changing search engines, their new algorithms are actually a good thing for us. This is because the search engines like Google aren’t’ making changes to make life hard on website owners—they are actually trying to make it easier for the users to find better matches for their online searches. So, the end result of all the changes is that you will be able to attract visitors to your site that are truly looking for exactly what your site and keywords have to offer.

So how does a one go about this process of attracting these right visitors to their site? Here are some helpful ideas:


Any successful SEO campaign starts with relevant keyword research. There are several good keyword research tools, such as Keyword, and SEMrush. These tools do the research for you to allow you to identify keywords and phrases that people use to search online to discover your business products and services. This way you are able to have pages on your site that will attract visitors to your website and convert those great prospects into customers.


The latest algorithms being used by the search engines are certainly smart enough to detect when you are just loading your website pages with random keyword content that is not well written. So, to not get penalized, or worse yet blacklisted by the search engines, your page content needs to be technically sound, well written and flow naturally with your content.

This strategy will mean less keywords, and that is ok. You need to be sure your  keywords are in your page title, headers, and meta description, then work them into your content so they flow well on your pages, and don’t sound like you forced the keyword into the copy. If they don’t fit naturally, then leave them out.


As you do your keyword research, you will learn that there is a lot of competition for your words. One way to avoid this logjam of keywords is to create different longer phrases that exactly describe what your business is offering. This might take more time but it can bring more of the right visitors to looking for your products and services.

The SEO world is always rapidly changing which makes it difficult to keep up with. However, this much we know, the search engines will always be in pursuit of ways to better match websites relevant content with the search methods of its users.  Thus, if you want to be found by your prospects, you need SEO work to maximize your online presence and thus your business revenue.

Without ongoing SEO work, you will likely lose your top rankings in the search engines. And believe me, your competition is going to take your spots. Even if you have the best looking and most user friendly website out there, but don’t get found by the search engines, you will not attract visitors, and lose those new customers.

This is why you need to have a proven, trusted partner who will keep your site optimized, and has a system that is accountable and measurable so that you know what your return is on your marketing costs. And you need a partner who will provide you with routine reports to prove we will maximize your revenues by spending your marketing dollars only on what is working and stop spending on what is not.

What if I don’t use SEO?

Without ongoing SEO efforts, you run the risk of losing your top-ranking spots in search results. And competitors will likely jump at the chance to outrank you.

You might have the most well-designed website, but if nobody can find it, you won’t attract new customers or grow your business.

This is why it’s so critical to your business to have an SEO agency like KMC.

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