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How To Do SEO Tips & Techniques


SEO Tips & Techniques At least businesses need to do some basic work of Search Engine Optimization - SEO. And today there are a lot of ways and methods which leads to a lot of confusion about how to go about SEO work. Here are a few ideas to help your business know [...]

How To Do SEO Tips & Techniques2018-01-23T19:00:17-05:00

Is SEO Still Relevant?


Is SEO Still Relevant? Are you satisfied with your internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization programs? If you are like most business owners, you aren’t getting much if any return on your advertising dollar investments. My name is Mark Kilgore and I’m the Founder and President of Kilgore Marketing Consultants. I’m a marketing [...]

Is SEO Still Relevant?2018-11-27T01:14:39-05:00

Understanding the Marketing Funnel


Understanding the Marketing Funnel Part 1- The Bait As a marketing consultant, I meet all kinds of business owners.  They come in all different shapes and sizes and with all kinds of different attitudes.  For the most part, they are objective and results driven.  They are bottom line type of people who want [...]

Understanding the Marketing Funnel2018-12-10T00:22:18-05:00
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